Our Why

At the inspiHER Girls Leadership Foundation, our mission is to inspire and empower young girls to dream big, believe in themselves, and become girls of action in their schools and communities.  

Through our one day leadership retreat, girls will have the opportunity to gather together to recharge, will to their fullest potential and provide them with support and resources needed to overcome the many challenges and obstacles girls face in this fast-paced, high-pressured world.  

Research shows that girls between the ages of 10-14 experience a sharp decline in confidence during the same time that social pressures and concerns with body image increase. These outcomes set girls on a trajectory of self-doubt and lowered self-confidence, ultimately impacting each girl's sense of value, her ability to thrive, and her sense of feeling she is "good enough".

Our program focuses on five core areas: LEADERSHIP, CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCY, SELF-CARE, AND COMMUNITY SERVICE. Through our two-day leadership retreat coming in April of 2020, we hope to inspiHER and empower each girl to develop a sense of who she is and who she wants, while at the same time helping each young girl find her voice.





Programs and Services

At inspiHER, we strive to connect with young girls at the critical ages of 10-14 when confidence levels begin to decline and social pressures begin to increase and provide them with resources and support needed to overcome these challenges and become girls that grow and thrive in today's world.


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Interactive Leadership Retreat

Building confidence

In the Spring of 2020, we will be hosting a leadership retreat for girls in grades 5-8 in Fairfield County.  This transformational leadership retreat will focus on leadership, confidence, resiliency, self-care and community service.


Tiered Mentorship Program

Making a difference

The inspiHER 2020 retreat will include a tiered mentorship program developed in collaboration with Ohio University Lancaster, Fairfield County Job and Family Services, and Fairfield County Educational Service Center.  This transformational mentorship program will connect young girls with mentors from our local high schools, universities, and professional communities.


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Education & Outreach

Changing the Narrative

Through collaboration with community partnerships and local agencies, we will develop, conduct, and publish local research to educate, support, and advocate for girls leadership development opportunities in our community.  It is our hope to help young girls grow and thrive in today's world.