Self-Defense & Cyber Safety Workshop

Inspiring Confidence Through Self-Defense Education -  August 7, 2021


The inspiHER Girls Leadership Foundation, in collaboration with the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office, hosted a FREE Self-Defense & Cyber Safety Workshop on Saturday, August 7th at Thomas Ewing Junior High in Lancaster, Ohio.  This workshop was designed specifically for girls in grades 5-8 and covered the basic self-defense education and cyber safety tips and strategies for young adults and their families. 

Both workshop sessions were delivered by trained professionals from the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office and included the following:

Session One -  Self-Defense Basics:  This interactive session focused on creating an awareness and strong survival-oriented attitude in the area of self-defense tactics and techniques.  The information presented was coupled with specific physical training.  

- Sgt. T.J. Strawn, Det. Roy Maple, Tiffany Hedrick, Dep. Dustin Beavers

Session Two - Cyber Safety:  This session will focused on the DO's and DON'Ts of social media and shared information on the importance of responsible digital citizenship and ways to keep themselves and their friends safe online.

- Sgt. Forrest R. Cassel and Det. Meadows

Below are pictures and video clips from the event: