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To inspiHER girls to dream big, believe in themselves, and to become confident leaders in their schools and communities. 



To connect with young girls at the critical ages of 9 -13 when confidence levels begin to decline and social pressures begin to increase, and to provide them with the skills, resources, and tools needed to overcome these challenges and become girls that thrive in today's world.




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Our program model includes full-day interactive leadership retreats

designed specifically for girls in grades 5 - 8 focusing on five core areas:







Leadership Retreats

  • A tiered leadership and self-esteem curriculum designed especially for girls in grades 5 - 8

  • Interactive workshops delivered by professional from local agencies and organizations and leaders from the community 

  • Mentorship opportunities for high school junior and senior girls

  • Self-defense education delivered by trained professionals from the community

  • Community service projects promoting literacy for all age-groups

  • Parent sessions will be available during the retreats on topics relating to raising confident girls


Interactive Workshops

  • Confidence building, self-esteem, and self-acceptance

  • Healthy relationships, stress management, and positive lifestyles

  • Time management, organizational skills, and finding your strengths

  • Self-defense, cyber safety, and digital responsibility

  • Goal-setting, self-advocacy, community service and more


Mentorship Program

  • We seek junior and senior high school girls to serve as mentors during the retreats

  • Mentors will facilitate a team of 8-10 middle school-aged girls throughout the interactive workshops and group sessions

  • The mentorship program increases self-awareness, fosters personal growth, cultivates leadership, and improves personal and interpersonal skills

  • The mentor experience is great for resumes, college applications, and school accolades

  • Up to 15 community service hours are available​

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

Eleanor Roosevelt

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