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2023 Guest Speaker ~ inspiHER Fairfield


Ashley Farquharson, USA Luge Athlete, and 2022 Winter Olympian will share her experiences from growing up in her hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah to participating at the highest levels of international luge competitions including representing the United States of America in the Olympics.  

Ashley will discuss the importance of the support she has given and received from the girls and women in her life that encouraged her to follow her dreams.  She will also highlight the commitment and focus of working hard but also finding balance for her family, friends, health, and other interests in her life. Determination isn’t just reserved for the world of sports; it’s also about enjoying the sweet parts of life and being present to experience opportunities and connections with others.

Ashley Farquharson

USA Luge Athlete & 2022 Olympian

"Girls Supporting Girls  - Why it Matters"

2023 Breakout Session Presenters

Fairfield County Retreat ~ April 22nd 

2023 Parent Sessions

Fairfield County Retreat ~ April 22nd 

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