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Outcomes of the 2022
inspiHER Girls Leadership Retreat

Fairfield County

  • 138 girls in grades 5 - 8 attended the first inspiHER Girls Leadership Retreat in Fairfield County

  • 17 high school junior and senior girls from area school districts served as mentors during the retreat

  • All school districts in Fairfield County were represented

  • 40+ parents attended the optional parent session with Nationwide Children's Hospital, Talking to Your Child About Mental Health

  • Presenters for the interactive workers included leaders from local organizations and businesses

  • The Fairfield County Sheriff's Department provided a 90 minute self-defense training to all girls in attendance

  • Pre-surveys were conducted with local educators, agencies, and parents to gather input on content for the retreat

  • Pre and post surveys were conducted with participants, mentors, parents, and volunteers to gather data to measure impact and to assist in shaping future programming

  • All girls attending the retreat participated in a community service gratitude project resulting in the donation of 150 children's books to Fairfield Medical Center, each containing a handwritten note of encouragement

A big thank you to all of our
2022 Presenters! 



Goodbye Fear, Hello Courage!

Shianne Swinehart
Identify Designs and Ohio University Lancaster 

Fear is a LIAR! Let go of what holds you back and welcome opportunity without the fear of failure.


Smile from the Inside Out

Dr. Danielle Johnson-Curry, Aubrey Neeley, and Stacy Smith 

Gentle Dental Care

Embrace your individuality and feel confident being YOU. You are a unique, one-of-a-kind and beautiful YOU.


Junior High 101

Joey Conrad

6th Grade Teacher

Bloom-Carroll Local Schools

Junior High can be a time of sticky social situations and self doubt.  In this session, girls will learn helpful tools about self care, developing confidence, and being 100% comfortable with being yourself. Girls will learn how to feel awesome and build confidence that only comes from being unique.

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RESILIENCE: Self-Defense Training

Fairfield County Sheriff's Department

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Department will be providing self-defense training for all participants and mentors. This interactive session will focus on creating an awareness and a strong survival-oriented attitude in the area of self-defense tactics and techniques.  The information presented will be coupled with specific physical training and presented by Sgt. T.J. Strawn, Det. Roy Maple, Tiffany Hedrick, Dep. Dustin Beavers.

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Find Your Strong in YOU

Jill Allen

Jill Allen Coaching

Let’s be fit, fierce and unstoppable!  Being healthy, strong, and fit provides a foundation that will encourage girls to show up as their best self. The girls will learn helpful tips about nutrition, exercise and mindset and how overall fitness levels will impact their social interactions, academics and athletics.


LEADERSHIP: Let Your True Colors Shine in Leadership

Sarah Collins

Lancaster High School Counselor

Ever wonder why you click with some people and not others? Come learn how to let your true colors shine as you explore how to maximize your leadership skills by recognizing personality traits in yourself and others. (7th & 8th Grade Session)



Dr. Ambrele Prater, LPCC-S

Suicide Prevention Clinical Lead Supervisor

Nationwide Children's Hospital

This session, presented by Nationwide Children's Hospital, is an optional session for parents/guardians of registered participants attending the retreat.  This session addresses topics such as signs of depression, youth anxiety, and self injury;  warning signs and risk factors associated with youth suicide, and effective strategies for responding to these topics. *The session will take place in the middle school auditorium.

Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors

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